Thursday, January 14, 2016

Watch Out! Turbulence Ahead

Centering my life in peace is my intention for this year. It’s a daunting goal being as this is an election year. I expect that the amount of hate-spewing and divisive rhetoric will escalate as 2016 goes on. I refuse to internalize it or return it. 
Along with my standard resolutions to continue to strive to eat healthier, spend time in quiet meditation and prayer, walk and exercise more, I am adding ways to take care of myself during the expected turbulence.  My action plan is below. I’d like to hear how you plan to stay sane during this election year.
My plan of action:
  • Limit the amount of news I watch—once a day is sufficient 
  • Listen to uplifting music
  • Record my favorite TV shows and watching them later so I can fast forward through the political ads. (I recognize that any ad created by a super pac will be mostly lies to pants-on-fire lies designed to fill me with fear—a controlling mechanism. The politicians’ ads won’t be much better.)
  • Watch the debates (this requires a glass of wine) paying attention to those who talk about how they plan to fulfill their promises 
  • Check out the candidates’ website for details on how they (or we) will pay for those changes
  • Check out all political claims or statements using Politifact—a non-partisan fact checker
  • Monitor my Facebook page to assure there will be no contentious political commentary. (My page is for survivors who have had enough fear, unkindness and chaos in their lives.)
    • I will not post any hate-spewing posts
    • I will not post any snarky jokes about either party or any politician
    • I will temporarily hide anything I receive from a Facebook friend who does
    • Cast my vote in the primary elections and in the general elections in November
It won’t be easy to get through this year without becoming outraged and frustrated with our  election process and parties. Please don’t let that stop you from voting. Your voice must be heard.
As we sail into this new year, knowing that there is a hurricane ahead, let’s show each other love, respect and kindness. Let’s listen as well as talk. Let’s not allow people with their own agendas divide us and pit us against each other. 
A quote from Jesus that Abraham Lincoln used during his turbulent times has been in my thoughts for the last several years—“A house divided against it self cannot stand.” From talking with others, I know that we agree on much more of the things we want for this country then issues we disagree on. This year I will continue to hold on to that fact.

Oh, and yes, I will also remind myself to breathe.